ACE Spring General Assembly

Advocating high-quality architecture in Europe. On Friday 21 April, ACE held its General Assembly in Brussels chaired by President Ruth Schagemann with the participation of the Executive Board and nearly 80 delegates from all over Europe.    


The 2022 ACE Sector Study is now available on the ACE website and on the ACE Observatory. Read the 2022 ACE Sector Study in PDF Discover the ACE Observatory


"Tomorrow’s Baukultur is being created today.!" ACE is honoured to be a member of the Davos Alliance Steering Committee. Its aim is the sustainable,quality-oriented management of buildings, infrastructure, public spaces and landscapes for the benefit of all. Read the highlights from ACE President, Ruth Schagemann

ACE Statement: For affordable and quality housing

Statement by ACE presented on the occasion of the Affordable Housing Activation Forum held in Madrid on 18-20 May 2022.  Read the statement here.

"We must call for affordable and high quality housing for all of us!"

In the framework of the #AHAMadrid2022 discussions on financial barriers to affordable housing, ACE President, Ruth Schagemann, underlined the need to promoting quality and affordability through financial regulation and incentives.Read more here. 

In solidarity with Ukraine

"On behalf of the Architects' Council of Europe and the entire architectural European community, we would like to express to you our support for all Ukrainian architects in the face of the political situation in which Ukraine and its citizens find themselves". Read the ACE statement. ACE members actions and support

The NEBC online conference 'Common Ground: making the Renovation Wave a cultural project'

On 29 April, the New European Bauhaus Collective (NEBC) held its first online conference 'Common Ground: Making the Renovation Wave a Cultural Project.’ Read the conference report Watch the video of the conference

ACE Conference Climate Change & Built Heritage

On 28 October, we held our first hybrid conference 'Climate Change & Built Heritage". Read the conference statement Watch the video

The Value of Architecture II

The Value of Architecture II shows the importance of using research to evidence the environmental, social, cultural and economic performance of built environment projects. Download the study

ACE Barcelona Statement: Perspectives: Young Architects’ Forum

On  23  November  2019,  the Architects’  Council  of  Europe organised a  conference  with  the  title 'Perspectives' inviting young  architects  from  all  over  Europe to  express  their  views  on  the  profession and  their  visions  and  aspirations  for  the  future. Read more


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ACE General Assembly: Re-election of Ruth Schagemann and election of the new Executive Board for 2024/2025


On 23 & 24 November, the Architects’ Council of Europe held its second General Assembly of 2023 in Brussels and online. On this occasion, Ruth Schagemann (BAK Germany) was unanimously re-elected President of the organisation for a two-year term starting on 1 January 2024. This will be her secon...

ACE Recommendations for Architectural Design Competition & Master Brief


The Architecture Design Competition (ADC) is a quality based and solution orientated selection procedure. ‘ADC’ means those procedures, mainly in the fields of architecture, engineering and urban landscape planning, which enable the contracting authority to acquire a plan or design selected by a jur...

The Living Spaces catalogue “Cities and regions driving high-quality architecture” is out!


What do a sport centre in Spain, a social housing estate in France, an urban park in Latvia and a library in Finland have in common? They are all climate friendly solutions designed for their specific context. These places bring people together while valuing the unique character of the local ar...


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Upskilling to deliver high-quality architecture for a beautiful, sustainable and inclusive environment


On Thursday 20 April 2023, the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) and the European Association for Architectural Education (EAAE) held a public conference to discuss what are the skills, methods and pedagogies needed for a flourishing and ecologically beneficial architectural practice that...

ACE calls for an ambitious revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive


One of the highest priority is to strengthen Energy Performance Certificates so they reflect validated performance. The primary reasons for this is the performance gap, which undermines the confidence in the certificates, as they do not reflect the actual delivered quality of a project – not...

Public Procurement: NEBC Statement (2021)


Statement of the New European Bauhaus Collective (NEBC) on Public Procurement

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